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Founded in 2017, the Golf Estate Good News Club is a non-profit, non-denominational children’s club that teaches children to live a life of accountability. This is done by encouraging children ranging from ages 4 – to 12 to meet God early through Bible studies, fun review games, short movies, symposiums, theme-based projects and special bible activities.
Every Saturday at the Rivtaf Golf Estate Port Harcourt, children come together to learn about God and His love for them, develop their interpersonal skills and also experience a good time of learning while feeling loved, cared for and secured by teachers who have the heart to reach out to these ones with the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


To strengthen young people's sense of Identity, the mastery of self-regulation and to teach them to live a life of accountability and service.


A generation raised with a solid knowledge of, and relationship with Jesus Christ to create positive impacts in their communities and world.


Club Activities

Bible Study

Our primary activity is to communicate God’s word to young people, and we achieve this through thematic bible study series.

Every Month, we assign themes and sub-topics that further breaks down the theme into smaller bits to foster easy assimilation by children.

These studies are prepared in a way that is both interactive, engaging and fun for the children.

Interpersonal Skills Development

To develop our youngsters to make a difference in the world, we teach them several interpersonal skills by assigning them tasks during our club meetings.

They learn Leadership, Communication, Collaborative, Conflict Resolution skills as well as build their Self confidence through volunteering and taking up roles during club meetings.

Some of these roles include Teaching, Prayers, Leading a Team, Responding to Questions, and involvement in Community Development Programs.

Theme-Based Projects

Talent Development And Games

It wouldn’t be a children’s club without Games, would it? We ensure the children anticipate every meeting by spicing it up with special activities and fun games, allowing them to experiment through trial and error, find solutions to problems, work out the best strategies, and build new confidence and skills.

We also encourage our children to look inward for special talents through talent exhibition programs.


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